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Our Philosophy

The Physicians at Regenerate Wellness believe in treating patients as individuals with treatment tailored specifically to each person. Our unique approach to medicine sees each patient as a whole person and not just a disease or ailment. We believe that it is important to treat the source of the disease through a multi-disciplinary approach which includes Stem Cell therapy (cell-based therapy), diet, lifestyle, exercise, chiropractic care, hormone replacement, and peptide therapy, vitamin supplementation, and thyroid management. We believe that the power that made the body can heal the body and it is our goal to provide healing and support through both natural and scientific means.

With over 30 years combined experience in cell-based therapy and chiropractic medicine care and over 30,000 patients treated, our medical staff has refined and revolutionized cell-based therapy through outside-the-box thinking. This has allowed our patients to experience effective, long-lasting results. Our patient-first focus, holistic approach, and innovative techniques make our therapies unique in the industry and have resulted in better outcomes for our patients as a whole. We will serve all of our patients with only the best in regenerative medicine, and work with you to ensure a long-term improvement in the quality of your life. If your condition is making it difficult to enjoy the life that you want, and you want to be treated with as little interruption to your routine as possible, we are here for you.