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Our Care Process


Patients at Regenerate Wellness come to us from all areas of South Florida and North America, in search of pain relief in various joints: Knees, back, shoulders, neck, elbows, foot, and hands. The first step is a telemedicine consultation to better understand your medical and pain-related physical history and to determine if you are a candidate for the various non-surgical therapies. If so, we schedule you for an in-office visit, at which time, Dr. Cohen conducts a 6-point assessment including X-rays, to assess how best Regenerative Medicine or other non-surgical therapies can best help you. If you are a candidate for regenerative cell-based therapy, we will promptly schedule a treatment time when our highly skilled Advanced Nurse Practitioners will administer the recommended therapy.

Our approach to patient care emphasizes a comprehensive evaluation of your physical health. We encourage all our Patients to evaluate their vitamin, hormone, and thyroid levels. Our body functions and physiological systems do not work in isolation, so a holistic evaluation and management of our bodies for optimal health is essential. In order to conveniently assess your comprehensive health profile, our highly skilled Nurse Practitioners are available at our office to draw your blood panel and also provide you tailored treatment recommendations.

Regenerate Wellness values a patient-centric approach to care giving. Post-treatment care includes several follow-up consultations, 5 day a week support from our patient liaison staff before and after your treatment, and specialized diet management. Follow-up consultations are critical to ensure your progress and to evaluate any needed treatment adjustments.


Regenerate Wellness offers free as well as insurance-covered hormone testing. Once we receive your blood results, you will be scheduled with one of our Nurse Practitioners for a preliminary review of your test results and treatment recommendations. Once treatment is initiated, we will schedule regular follow-ups to assess the progress of your treatment.