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Our Story

We have a passion & commitment to our patients because we know degenerative joint pain and the impact it has onbeing able to do simple activities and essential functions in your life. Dr. Michael Cohen, lead physician and educator, experienced a meniscal removal during a wrestling injury. His knees were diagnosed as arthritic and bone-on-bone with multiple meniscal tears. Over the next 33 years, he suffered consistent pain and immobility in his knees, and he was recommended knee replacements. On a family trip to the Grand Canyon, he was not able to hike down or up the canyon with his kids. His journey into Regenerative stem-based therapy started from there, and he learned of an effective non-surgical solution – Regenerative stem cell-based therapy. He flew to Texas, had the stem cell-based therapy applied on his knees and in 3 three weeks, his knees were 95% better. On his next family trip, he hiked the Mt. Rainier trails, climbed the mountain, and rock climbed with his kids. Having had this life-changingexperience with stem cell-based therapy, he wanted to be able to provide this same opportunity to his patients and the South Florida community who chooseto avoid surgery and seek an alternative therapy for chronic and severe joint pain.That is why we are here to help you.