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Overcoming Weak & Degenerative Joints

Constant pain and immobility are no way to live your life. With weak and degenerative joints, the everyday tasks that were once simple now cause an abundance of pain. Whether your joints were caused by injury, osteoarthritis, meniscal, or ligament injuries, you deserve to live pain-free.

Target The Source

Stem cell therapy, a regenerative medicine modality, has proven to be safe and effective when treating injured and degenerative joints. Stem cells help repair, regenerate, and rebuild damaged tissues by injecting them into the injured area and releasing growth factors and cytokines to aid in the body’s natural healing process. Growth factors are proteins that stimulate the growth of tissue and focus on cell growth, healing, and proliferation of cells. Cytokines are small proteins that are important in cell signaling and help control inflammation and cell growth. Essentially, what sets stem cell therapy apart from traditional treatments is that stem cell therapy targets the underlying source of the pain.

Let The Healing Begin

Stem cell therapy improves healing and reduces pain as it focuses on the cause of the pain rather than just the symptoms. This treatment type delivers growth factors and cytokines to the injured area to focus on the healing. These growth factors facilitate the regenerative process of tendons and tissues which catalyzes the healing process.


Additionally, stem cell therapy promotes the production of collagen and the repair of damaged tissues. This treatment allows you to move swifter as your range of motion is improved because your tissues and tendons have been strengthened. Because your tissues and tendons are stronger, there is a minimal risk of future injury and pain.

These cells regenerate damaged or degenerative tissues, speed the recovery from injury or degeneration, and reduce inflammation for significant pain relief. Stem cells are the building blocks of life and can accommodate certain needs. The specialists at Regenerate Wellness, a wellness clinic near you, are here to help you overcome weak and degenerative joint pain.

With over 30 years of specialized training, the medical staff at Regenerate Wellness is ready to treat their patients with innovative treatments. Contact the qualified medical staff at Regenerate Wellness by calling (954) 514-7306 or filling out the form on our website! we’re here to help you live long and live strong!

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