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Stem Cell Therapy – Is It Safe?

You have probably heard about stem cell therapy and wondered, “Is it a safe treatment for you or your loved one that suffers from chronic joint pain/s?

With the ongoing and evolving research surrounding stem cell therapy, clinical studies show positive results.

Cell-based Stem Cell exosome therapy, includes cytokines, proteins, exosomes, hyaluronic acid, and growth factors found within the amniotic fluid. These cell components are known to promote joint and tissue healing, regeneration, and inflammation reduction.

Patients may experience injection-site pain or minor swelling shortly after treatment. Patients are also advised to minimize activity with the treated joint over the next few days, in order to maximize the regenerative joint pain therapy process.

While stem cell therapy has proven to be safe and effective, it poses the same risks as other non-surgical procedures like cortisone, gel, etc., injections.

This treatment works by promoting the production of collagen and the repair of tissues in the body, while reducing inflammation in your joints. As a result, tissues and tendons are strengthened and pain is significantly reduced.

Though the research continues to evolve, huge strides have been made in the field of Regenerative Medicine. When making medical decisions, it is important to have conversations with your doctor to discuss the treatment/s that are right for you.

With over 30 years of specialized training, the medical staff at Regenerate Wellness is ready to treat their patients with innovative, non-surgical treatments. Contact the qualified medical staff at Regenerate Wellness by calling (954) 786-327-7078 or filling out the form on the website! They’re here to help you Live Long and Live Strong!

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