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Quick Recovery
Return to everyday,
non-high impact activities,
within 7 days.
Fast Healing Time
Stem cell therapy utilizes the,
body’s own healing process,
therefore, it can take
2-3 months to feel
the full effect.
Safe and Drug-free
A complex network of
growth factors and cytokines
guiding cellular differentiation
and regeneration in all organs
and tissues.
Convenient and Painless
One 30-minute
office visit and
just a single injection.

looking for a non-surgical, natural treatment for chronic joint damage and pain? heal your body naturally with regenerative medicine.

Though it might sound like something from the future, regenerative medicine is the greatest health breakthrough of our time. When it comes to regenerative health, the future is NOW.

Regenerative medicine represents an amazing step forward in medical research. It is changing the medical field and it is doing it naturally. Risky procedures and medications with harsh side effects are no longer the only options for patients dealing with chronic pain.

Typically, patients only require one injection to start the process and begin their path to recovery. However, some patients may need a second injection after six months. Even with just one injection, regenerative medicine can start the process of replication and regeneration.

Regenerative medicine goes through numerous cycles of replication which usually take around three to six months to fully complete the healing. The natural process of regenerative medicine is it is replicating and rejuvenating, while also recruiting other healing agents that your body already has.

Our Process

“Crystal Reeves was a lively and active athlete before she experienced medical complications. She had two severe ankle injuries, bulging discs in her lower back, and arthritis. Her profession as a bartender required hours on her feet and she found herself in daily chronic pain.”


“Ed Danner knew something was wrong when he started hearing a clicking sound in his shoulder. He knew it was caused by an injury he had 10 years prior when he was in college. His shoulder was, unfortunately, bone on bone and a specialist suggested shoulder replacement.”

- ED DANNER, Shoulder Injury

Regenerate Wellness specializes in innovative Integrated and Regenerative Medicine.

Specializations include cell-based joint pain therapy, platelet rich plasma therapy, bioidentical hormone replacement therapy, medical weight loss, thyroid health management, nutraceutical testing and management, and facial aesthetics.

Regenerate Wellness is a comprehensive care clinic that includes Chiropractic care for a holistic approach to your healthcare.